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Outline of Tasks: Setup + Semi-Custom Theme Design

The Setup Portion Includes The Following Tasks:

  • Development Shop - Scott Bouffordwill set up a development shop for YOUR BUSINESS. If a shop already exists on a trial, then we may convert existing shop to a development shop to save fees during setup process.
  • Business Information - Enter pertinent business information such as address, and phone number.
  • Payment Processing - YOUR BUSINESS may choose to enter payment processing information on their own, or instruct Scott Bouffordto do it on their behalf. YOUR BUSINESS understands that this information is sensitive in nature, if YOUR BUSINESS instructs Scott Boufford to enter the information - Scott Boufford fully respects and understands the sensitivity of this information and will securely destroy the information upon successful entry.
  • Product Categories - YOUR BUSINESS must provide Scott Boufford with the categories in which the shop's products reside. Scott Boufford will enter categories in to the shop with the appropriate criteria for product population.
  • Product Entry - Scott Boufford will enter an initial group of products in to the store, up to fifty (50) in number. YOUR BUSINESS acknowledges that they must provide these product details for proper entry. Scott Boufford will teach YOUR BUSINESS how to add and edit products for internal management of the site in the future, if requested.
  • Static Page Entry - Scott Boufford will enter all static pages such as "About Us" or "Contact Us".
  • Blog Setup & Posts - If migrating from another site with a blog, Scott Boufford will handle the migration of blog posts via an automated service. If no such automated service exists for the blog platform we're migrating from, then YOUR BUSINESS understands that additional charges will apply for manual entry.
  • Site Structure and Navigation - Scott Boufford will set up the site structure and navigation per client direction.
  • Taxes - Taxes will be properly set up by Scott Boufford based on the location of the business.
  • Shipping Rates - Shipping rates will be configured per requirements. If YOUR BUSINESS is purchasing a plan with real-time shipping rates included, the proper credentials for each shipping provider will be entered by Scott Boufford.
  • Site Launch - Scott Boufford will handle all tasks related to launching the site with the exception of adding payment information for Shopify's monthly hosting fees, unless otherwise directed by YOUR BUSINESS. Settings changes within the Shopify account, and domain registrar account may by completed by YOUR BUSINESS at their discretion.

Semi-Custom Theme Design Includes:

  • Theme Design - YOUR BUSINESS provides an example site to inspire look and layout, or provides a Photoshop mock-up for recreation on their Shopify store. We've defined which in the Website Requirement Snapshot above.
  • Theme Editing - YOUR BUSINESS understands that any edits to the theme structure and design beyond the original example site or Photoshop mockup are outside the scope of the anticipated time involvement. Additional charges will be incurred if structural changes are requested. Scott Boufford will advise YOUR BUSINESS of such changes and charges.